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Esya have joined a multi-million pound investment into a blockchain network set to revolutionise the UK property market.  

Coadjute promises to enable simpler, smarter, more secure transactions and halve the time it takes to move home.  

Dan Salmons, CEO of Coadjute said, "The UK Property Market has been demanding improved connectivity for years, and in a rapidly changing environment needs it more than ever.   We’ve spent 18 months developing our unique blockchain network in industry pilots and are now preparing for launch.  The new investors announced today will marry up global reach and deep knowledge of both property markets and blockchain technology.   Coadjute is now in a very strong position to offer the UK the first secure, open network set to revolutionise property sale transactions forever”.  

Esya is proud to be an investor in Coadjute’s vision, one that will address an age-old issue in the UK property markets – disconnectedness.  

Coadjute have now been backed by prestigious US-based VC, Collab+Currency, a blockchain and crypto currency focused spinout from The Collaborative Fund.